:LWR: Career highlights


  • Seeded 5th in the British Championships at Junior X30

  • Breaking many lap records on the Simulator at Arden

  • Standing on the podium for three out of his first four Senior races
    at the end of the 2018 season


  • 7th - Junior X30 British Championships

  • Whilton Mill Junior X30 lap record holder

  • Shenington Junior X30 lap record holder

  • Kimbolton Junior X30 Lap record holder


  • Shenington Super Prix, Junior X30 E plate runner up

  • Whilton Mill 'King of Clubs' Junior X30 Winner 

  • Shenington April/May/July Club Round Junior X30 Winner 

  • Buckmore Park Junior X30 Winter Champion (won all 3 rounds)


  • Whilton Mill Cadet Champion

  • TVKC Cadet Vice Champion

  • Shenington Super Prix - Driver of the weekend

  • Shenington Super Prix Cadet. Finished 4th place from 19th with fastest lap of the weekend.

  • Spirit of Kartmasters Award with 5th place

  • Buckmore Park Cadet Winter Champion 


  • Kent Champion Cadet 

  • Buckmore Park Cadet Winter Champion 

  • Henry Surtees Memorial Cadet Trophy Winner 

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