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Martin Knapman

Carlin British F4 Team Manager

From the first moment I met Luke he was an extremely professional driver, from doing his seatfit to his time on the track.


Luke showed skill and tenacity, getting up to speed with the other drivers who had been in the car much more by that point in the year.


He has the potential to be a big talent going forward, as well as a very professional and likeable young man.

Callan o'keefe

Driver Development Coach

Despite only having worked with Luke for a short period of time, it was immediately clear that he has massive potential. His hard working attitude and ability to pick up on key points quickly meant we saw huge progression everytime he was out on track. A huge strength for any driver to have. Despite having little to no single seater experience, it was remarkable how quickly he managed to get on the pace of the front runners, which is a testament to Luke's natural ability. He's a hard working and intelligent young driver.

Steve Hutchinson

Director of the Young Racing Driver Academy

Luke joined the Young Racing Driver Academy programme over 12 twelve months ago and has continued to impress with his performances in karting. He is now one of the leading drivers in this country.

Luke’s stunning simulator times in a single seater which put him consistently at the top of the time sheets bode very well for the future and his forthcoming F4 test programme.

"Luke has been outstanding in his off-track preparation. His attention to detail, asking the right questions and due diligence has enabled him to progress massively in 2018. He now has a deep understanding of what works for him in regards to physical training, nutrition, well-being, motivation and conduct over race weekends. It is a pleasure to work with someone with such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to learn."

YRDA Performance Director

Chris ray

Jake Sanson

Motorsports Commentator

"Luke has a tenacity beyond his youth. His determination makes him a courageous and outstanding performer. He never gives up, he never performs less than his best, and his passion pushes him forward. He is thrilling and exciting to watch, and a fabulous well-spoken man to shake hands with."

Chris Mccarthy

Karting Magazine Editor

"I still remember the day Luke first caught my eye when he put in a stunning performance at the Shenington SuperPrix and despite not winning the race it was clear he had something special about him. Since then, he has shown time and time again why it was he stood out that day. A fantastic racer, pound for pound one the quickest out there and his personality off track would make any sponsor proud. He is very welcoming and appreciative, something you rarely find in a young person and his commitment to training really does makes him the full package. It is all of this which has found me writing about Luke in Karting magazine on multiple occasions. Luke certainly has a very bright future in the sport and I can't wait to see what the next chapter in his career provides."

Allan Smallman

Commentator, Buckmore Park

For over 20 years I was resident commentator at Buckmore Park where I first experienced the tenacity and true grit of this talented young man.


It didn't matter if he was first, second or third, he always had a smile on his face! That's why I always referred to him as "Smiley Lukey".

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